About us & Why WineMasters

WineMasters is an online store in Singapore to provide selected premium wines/champagnes from France etc. and high-end craft products imported from Japan.

Our WineMaster visits wine/champagne makers in France etc., tastes each, thoroughly examines them and selects only high-quality of wine/champagne which meets our high standard.

Dear wine lovers,

I started WineMasters Singapore online store in November 2020, after launching SakeMasters Singapore in January 2020.

I came from a different business field other than food & beverage industry but have my strong passions on wine, champagne, sake and restaurant. I have learned about wine and champagne more than 25 years, and got my Wine Expert License certificate J.S.A. and WSET (Level 3) certificate from WSET.

I believe that enjoying foods and drinks is a kind of cultural experiences which we can appreciate more with an appropriate understanding of such foods and drinks as well as those cultural backgrounds. I love wine and champagne with rich histories and cultural background. I am doing this WineMasters site not because of simply selling wine and champagne but providing great wine/champagne experiences so that you will be able to become “WineMaster” and together we will be “WineMasters” as I named this site.

Going forward, we plan to start wine and champagne tasting event and other services too. Let's enjoy a journey with us toward a "Mastery of Wine" and be "WineMasters" together.

Sincerely yours,

Motomi Takayama
Wine Expert / WSET (Level 3)
Commander of Confrerie du Sabre d'Or
Chevalier of Ordre Des Coteaux De Champagne
Chevalier of Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin
Chevalier of Commanderies de Bordeaux.
Officier of Chaine des Rotisseurs
Chevalier of Chateau Palmer 
Member of IWFS

CEO & Director
Seventh Sense Partners Pte. Ltd., owner and operator of WineMasters