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Two Champagne enthusiasts (Nicolas LE TIXERANT Vigneron and Frank LEROUX Designer), decided several years ago to offer a fine selection of vintage wines, they combined their know-how and their passion to offer through the Infinite brand Eight, an exceptional range of vintages which will appeal to the most discerning connoisseurs and amateurs of Champagne.


Begins on the side of Nicolas Le Tixerant's paternal Grandfather:
Marc LE TIXERANT is the strain that led us to create Champagne Infinite Eight.
His grandfather was indeed co-owner of Champagne Edmond ROUSSIN (maiden name of his wife), namely his paternal grandmother.
We find traces of ancestors of the Roussin family already working the vine after the French Revolution.
His father Philippe LE TIXERANT evolved in the world of Champagne and ended his professional career as Director of Communication of the CIVC (Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wines now called Champagne Committee). 

This is how Nicolas Le Tixerant followed in his footsteps and also planted his first vines almost 20 years ago with the aim of taking over the family vines and bringing about the resurrection of this too long dormant family activity.



INFINITE 8 Champagne is a blend of desires, passions and refinements. Only the best years have been selected in a bottle dressed in black enhanced by a  label stamped with the number 8. The symbols of the number 8 and the infinity are indissociable and are synonymous with balance exception and eternity but it is also and above all the symbol of harmony and perfection.

Champagne INFINITE EIGHT is mostly proposed in a bottle dressed in black or other colors, protecting the wine from any outside aggression, for better storage conditions. Thanks to a sensitive varnish, the “Infinity” sign turns red when reaching the right tasting temperature, ensuring the Champagne freshness.